Bar & Grill Paint Nights, Paint and Sip, Paint and Wine, Paint Nite

Partner with Brush Tokes and become a cannabis or sip friendly venue!

Partnering with BrushTokes requires nothing from you! 

We’ll handle everything from set up to clean up and bringing in all the supplies to create an awesome paint night. 

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Build an Alliance with us!

Get Recognition


Instant venue exposure with each event held.

Added Foot Traffic


Customers love to post about our events and invite their circle of friends.

Get New Regulars


Customers love our vibes & always return back! They could easily become your regulars as well – especially if you serve great food and drinks! Invite us back for a set monthly schedule. Consistency will help drive event traffic & sales. Also, more painters for us equates to more customers for you! 


Stay Connected, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Skype

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it with us to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal during the painting event! Or we will simply include your venue information when promoting events held with you!

More Information

Supplies & Set - Up:

No Hassles! We supply everything needed to create your painting. This includes table cloths, aprons, easels, canvases, non-toxic acrylic paints, palettes, brushes, water cups, paper towels, & tarp to protect your flooring. 


All painting sessions take 2 hours unless we notify you. We will arrive an hour prior to the event start time for set up and to greet guests and than an hour after to clean up. Our guests usually likely to stick around for drinks, food, or buds!

Marketing & Scheduling: 

We promote our events to our client base via social media (Instagram / Facebook / Twitter) as well as email campaigns or direct promotional flyers. For each event we typically need 3 - 4 weeks to plan ahead so we can grow the event as much as possible.

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